Hello Ladies! Sorry...(Gentle!)men, you are of course also welcome!!

We are two best friends from Derby, who are in the prime of life (although let’s keep that little secret to ourselves, right!? ;o)).

As we have spent the last few years endeavouring to keep our skin as young as our minds :-) we would very much like to share our discoveries and exchange ideas with anyone who has an interest in or an opinion on the subject of beauty and anti-aging.

The history of our wrinkles!

Despite being almost the same age, our experiences are not identical, given that we have different skin-types.

I’m Sarah. I have normal combination skin which needed hardly any special care in my youth and never really caused me any particular problems. Only later, (I still think of myself as being in my early thirties!) as my skin began to mature, did I begin to need more than the everyday anti-aging creams to tame the wrinkles on my face. Just as Christmas sneaks up almost unexpectedly every year, this came as a surprise to me and there was no way this woman in her prime was going to just let these wrinkles get the better of her!

Admittedly, I had subjected my skin to a fair amount of abuse over the years. I had smoked off and on and had probably drunk a little too much alcohol on a fair few occasions. My body had rarely received the 8 hours a night’s sleep it needed to regenerate. Then there was all the exposure to the sun and the odd few sweets and munchies!

All of the above applies to me too except that in my youth I had many problems with my skin. I’m Teresa (Treez!) by the way. This manifested itself back then in spots and in particular stubborn acne which was ultimately brought under control by the pill and by the usual hormonal changes. I was a long, long way from receiving any compliment about my skin...that is, until just recently.

What we have done to combat those wrinkles!

After receiving in-depth consultations in a variety of different salons and perfumeries over the years, we have tried out numerous top-brand aging creams and anti-wrinkle agents, but draw the line at botox or face-lifts as we still want to keep our natural looks (and are terrified at the thought of those needles and staples!) Yet despite our conscientious efforts, not one anti-wrinkle agent has helped us in our quest for firmer skin.

However, a couple of months ago, we said farewell to our wrinkles and based upon the results we have achieved so far, it looks like we may have seen the last of them. About 8 months ago, a friend from Switzerland gave me a treatment containing natural amino acids for my birthday.

But as you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, I obligingly took every last one, only to find that after just a couple of weeks, my skin was in fact firmer, with fewer wrinkles. I have never been the one to believe in magic wrinkle potions which offer the ‘miracle cure’, so I really wasn’t expecting any kind of improvement. It was nevertheless almost uncanny the way people around me began to perceive me as looking so much younger. I had not actually changed my lifestyle in any way. A couple more weeks and I realized my skin had in fact become firmer, not just in my face, but also in other problem areas such as my stomach, legs, bottom, etc. In fact my overall general appearance has become healthier and younger since. Again and again I hear colleagues say that I have such a ‘fresh’ look about me, which is certainly a confidence booster.

You can now guess how long it took for me to order the capsules on the internet. Correct! And what’s more, the natural amino acids were able to help to their fullest extent against facial wrinkles and cellulite even in the odd areas of problem skin where they firmed up the connective tissue. As luck would have it, the product was also wonderfully successful in eliminating our ‘finer’ lines, to the extent that no-one would ever know they had even been there :-).

We are of the opinion that these are the exact amino acids our bodies had been calling out for. This little natural remedy is doing wonders!

In the meantime, by the way, we have built a temple to honour and worship our Swiss friend! :-)

How it works...

Encouraged by the phenomenally positive effects we saw on our wrinkles, we have spent the last few months avidly researching and have consolidated all our findings on skin, skin-care, beauty, wrinkles, amino acids as well as general information on wrinkles and anti-aging. Most of this can be found in the area on the left.

Amino acids are defined in literature as being the ‘building-blocks of life’. These are, for example, critical to all metabolic processes. The body manifests an amino acid deficiency in many different ways, depending on the individual. This can include symptoms such as wrinkles, orange skin, brittle hair and nails. Basically all the typical signs of aging. Many scientists have linked this ‘aging’ process to a loss of amino acids.

If you have a perfectly balanced diet and the body is still able to fully utilise the amino acids, then all the better, otherwise, the amino acids can be taken as a supplement. You should, however, be very much aware of the quality of the product, as amino acids are not always the same, and moreover, the fact that natural amino acids actually have nothing to do with the more common dietary supplements for athletes. There are, in fact, special combinations for improving the appearance of skin, e.g. for wrinkles.


This is an account of our experiences. We hope that you too have experienced the same wonderful results in your fight against wrinkles, or at least that similar success is awaiting you in the foreseeable future too. Either way, we are looking forward to your questions and queries on the subject of beauty, anti-aging and wrinkles.

Simply send us an e-mail (treezdavidson@googlemail.com) and we will try to contact you as soon as we can. It could take up to a week - after all, we do have our immaculate faces to tend to ;-)

One more request: although we love to communicate and keep in touch, we can do so perfectly well without marketing mails. If we are bored, we would rather go out for eats than have to battle our way through an inbox full of spam! Thanks!

Never forget that you are only as old as you feel!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Sarah & Treez



Post from 09/2015

Hi everyone!

We have received so many e-mails from you recently. Thanks a lot for those!

It’s really encouraging to know that our site is helping to make a difference somehow and that there are enough people interested in the topic and the site to keep it going. All of the hard work is obviously worth it.

We’ve both had our holidays and are back on track to keep you updated with the newest news to help combat those nasty wrinkles now.

As we have done in the past, we have looked at the most common questions which come up in your e-mails and will try to answer them briefly here. For this post, we have decided to look specifically at amino acids and how they work.

Natural amino acids do not, unfortunately, work overnight. A few weeks are required to re-balance the circulatory processes and stimulate blood flow as well as the supply of nutrients to the skin. In other words, a course of treatment is necessary. This does mean, however, that the effect is longer term, once the individual has achieved the required level of amino acids. At this point, no further intake of the natural amino acids is needed, unless of course, like us, you have learnt to appreciate the overall stimulating effects on the body such as improved sleep or stronger hair for instance.

Good luck with it all.

Feel free to drop us a line and let us know how you are progressing, especially with natural amino acids which is a hot topic right now.

Sarah & Treez

Here you can find some earlier updates:

Post from 07/2014

Hi everyone,

Pardon the pun, but as we couldn’t possibly leave our ‘skincare in the summer’ section out in the cold, we have decided to create a winter equivalent, entitled ‘skincare in the winter’! This is of course appropriate now that summer is a thing of the past and the winter months are upon us again! As always, you can find our page on the left hand side.

Despite the fact that icy temperatures are approaching, we don’t think we have too much to complain about really. We are looking forward to the many get-togethers and the wonderful festive atmosphere. However, the skin needs special intensive care in winter, both internally and externally.

We wish you a lovely few days,
Sarah & Treez

Post from 07/2014

Dear all,

The hottest time of the year is just beginning. The nights are getting longer, and the skirts shorter, and our skin is in need of increased care and protection.

In a new section on skincare in the summer, we have put together a few experiences and discoveries in the hope that we can offer you a few helpful tips. Have fun in the sun!

Hope to hear from you soon!,

Sarah & Treez

Post from 03/2014

Dear all,

We are always thrilled to read so many skeptical views on the subject of face-lifts in your feedback. It helps to confirm our theory that nature itself provides us with an arsenal of effective substances which can help us in our fight against maturing skin, without having to resort to such extreme measures. We are therefore going to continue with the natural amino acids, providing they continue to deliver such positive results.

Btw, we can confirm that the voucher code mentioned above is still valid, as we’ve just placed our own order with it!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Sarah & Treez

Post from 01/2014

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you don’t end up breaking your New Year’s resolutions! Our year will, once again, be marked by the key words ‘beauty’ and ‘anti-aging’ as, let’s face it, time is not exactly on our side. But as long as we can keep the upper hand on Mother Nature, we can feel less anxious about what she has in store for us!

We now have to say our goodbyes as we’re off on our ladies Lake District ‘aka’ beauty holiday. Yippeeeee! The fresh air is so wonderful for the complexion ;-) See you soon!

Sarah & Treez

Post from 11/2013

We hope everyone is enjoying the build-up to Christmas. Just like every year, it has somehow crept up on us again, and it is quite a shock to realize that in two weeks it is already December!! This means a couple of weeks of running riot. Thanks to our ‘natural friends’, we can look forward to the coldest time of the year, (normally the most stressful period for our skin) without a care in the world!

Have fun Christmas shopping! There are still loads of bargains around!

Hope to hear from you soon!,
Sarah & Treez