About us

Hello! We are two confident young ladies in the prime of our lives, from Derbyshire, born and bred!

We love going out to eat, especially for curries on Fridays where we get the chance to have our girly natters and catch up on the weekly gossip! Neither of us can ever imagine leaving our beloved Derby, except for maybe a little trip over to Spain for a couple of weeks a year with the family. Treez protests to being more of a Greece fan although she’s always quick off the mark to turn to Spain when it’s vino time at my place!! When not having fun in the sun, Treez likes going to the cinema to watch cheesy comedies and Sarah loves to cuddle her cat Pickle!

Of course a lot of our time is taken up working, but neither of us have too much to complain about in that area really. We certainly have a postitive influence on each other anyway and when we get the giggles it’s really hard to stop! You have to feel a bit sorry for the neighbours at times!(Considering our kids are so noisy as well!)

Anyway, enough about us for today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sarah and Treez


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