‘Mature’ Skin - Anti-Aging

As we grow older changes in the various skin layers occur:

  • They become noticably thinner.
  • The fatty layers lose substance, as do the collagen and elastic fibres.
  • The number of embedded sweat-glands is reduced.
  • Blood-flow decreases and with it the provision of oxygen and nutrients

These changes indicate why older people’s skin tends to be thin and dry. Furthermore, as the skin is considerably less elastic than it was, it becomes more susceptible to injury. The risk of infection is much greater, given the decelerated healing process.

The best way to offer mature skin a helping hand is to stimulate the circulatory processes which support it. A supplement of amino acids, especially l-arginine and l-glutamine has been proven to nourish the cells and, by helping to activate the various circulatory processes, to decelerate their ultimately unstoppable deterioration.


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