Why do wrinkles occur?

Numerous facial muscles are at work whenever we speak, laugh, display sadness or any other emotion. Inner tension or strain can also be detected through the facial muscles and these can therefore be seen as an indicator of our inner well-being.
The greater the tension, the more the facial muscles have to work and the tauter the skin.

Elastic fibres, made up of amino acids, are required for the skin to relax. Over the years, however, the organism provides a decreasing amount of the required amino acids and the skin, therefore, becomes less elastic due to the aging process. This is a gradual course of action which we are (luckily) not aware of on a daily basis. We only really notice the difference in our appearance when we compare ourselves now to earlier photos.

In brief there are two causes of wrinkles:

  1. Too much tension in the skin - this can also be due to poor diet, smoking or hyperacidity
  2. A gradual decrease, over the years, in elasticity of the fibres responsible for the relaxation of facial muscles.


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